Mourning School is an artistic study program on the notion of being in grief as the stuff of our everyday, initiated by Lucie Gottlieb and Rosa Paardenkooper.



whine ∿ wail ∿ whimper

Fullersta Gård 

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Art Lab Gnesta

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leijuvat ∿ liehuvat ∿ liitelevät
// whine ∿ wail ∿ whimper

leijuvat ∿ liehuvat ∿ liitelevät // whine ∿ wail ∿ whimper is an open invitation to experiment with the voice as a generative instrument for healing and grieving. During the open studios we share part of our research into voice activation and grief through a work in progress that brings together a soundscape by artist Jonas Holmer, a lyric inspired by Ingrian runo-songs written by musician Emmi Kuittinen, and a moaning instruction by artist Raoni Muzho Saleh.

HIAP Helsinki International Artist Programme

18 November 2022 – 19 November 2022

Image: participants in the moaning installation, HIAP Open Studios. Photo: Mourning School.



Sometimes Time 

Sometimes Time is a film program on life, loss, rituals, transitions and togetherness developed by Mourning School with contributions by: Alexander Rynéus, Angela Bravo, Ayla Dmyterko, G, Julia Heijligers, Karin Keisu & Josse Thuresson, Lise Fischer, Louis Hothothot, Martin Smatana, Mathilde ter Heijne, Natalia Papaeva, and Natasha Tontey. Taking place between 18 and 19 June with public events at Tranebergsbron (Saturday, 18 June 23:00-00:30), and Fylkingen (Sunday, 19 June 13:00-17:00), accompanied by an educational program on view during opening hours at Vårby Gård Biblioteket (7-19 June) and Kista Biblioteket (7-19 June).

Various locations in Stockholm

7 June 2022 – 19 June 2022

Image: A still from the film Rite of Return by Ayla Dmyterko. 



Dear, don’t forget to bring a carton of milk on your way home x

Dear, don’t forget to bring a carton of milk on your way home x is a series of letters developed in collaboration with Dear, an Amsterdam-based artist initiative run by Martha Jager. Focused on experiences of, and reflections on queer mourning, and grief in the everyday, we sent out monthly letters written and composed by artists, collectives and writers MYCKET, Pamela Sneed, G, Manuel Solano and Every Ocean Hughes. The letters, postmarked Stockholm, were delivered to people’s homes between October 2021 and February 2022. 

Shared via Post

15 October 2021 – 25 February 2022

Image: A letter by G written sent in December 2021. 



Morte liiiiiiiiifffeeee,
still naaaattuuuree
by Garance Wullschleger and Anna Reutinger 

Morte liiiiiiiffeeeeeee, still naaaaaattuuuuree pulls us in a myriad of directions as we wade through the messiness of accepting extinction—and all that might come after. For this immersive installation Reutinger and Wullschleger invited friends and loved ones to reflect on the question of the end of our world as a beginning of new worlds. The outcomes are stitched into a cocoon of second hand textiles dyed with food scraps, the air filled with whispers, unfamiliar languages, and guttural tones.

Galleri Nef  

19 – 29 August 2021

Image: Anna Reutinger and Garance Wullschleger, Morte liiiiiiiiifffeeee, still naaaattuuuree, bed sheets, cotton canvas, coffee, beets, onion skins, rust, beer, dahlias, soundtrack, Jedna Dva Tři Gallery, Prague, 2019. Photo: We Give You Good.



Re: Re: Re: Re:
by Clementine Edwards and Ada M. Patterson

Re: Re: Re: Re: is a series of gentle missives, videos as call and response, between Ada M. Patterson from Barbados and Clementine Edwards from Naarm and then Rotterdam. In the correspondence, they speak to their shared experiences of life back home as potentially untenable, and the ways it provokes a complicated grief rooted in trans-ness, administration, climate, and the (dis)possession of land and body. Re: Re: Re: Re: makes space for a textured and emotional confrontation between their bodies and the world, riddled with desire for, and attempts at anchoring themselves in their surroundings, histories and land, yet failing to, or resisting these impulses at the same time.

Galleri Nef
18-23 June 2021

Image: Ada M. Patterson, My Dysphoria is Brown (video still), 2021



About Mourning School
Mourning School is an artistic study program on the notion of being in grief as the stuff of our everyday, initiated by Lucie Gottlieb and Rosa Paardenkooper. In a series of exhibitions, public programming and publications, we imagine new ways of collective mourning to give name to, and make space for the feelings that come with death, dying, loss and mourning. The vulnerability of life - threatened by climate, health, political, social and economic crises resulting in inequity and precarity, loneliness and isolation - makes the proximity to death and loss more tangible. Central to Mourning School lies the question: who gets to live and die, who is remembered and who is deemed ungrievable? In response, Mourning School proposes queerness, in its most expansive form, as a method and framework to subvert and unsettle Western understanding and norms of death and mourning - as an individual problem or medical diagnosis - and the stigma that surrounds them.

About us
Lucie Gottlieb (b. 1991, Paris, she/her) is an independent curator, heartfelt cultural worker and stained-glass artist. She is the co-founder of Galleri Nef in Stockholm, and works for Supermarket Art Fair. Her interests and practice explore, through radical empathy, a range of affective notions including death, cultural heritage, public feelings, and ritualism.

Rosa Paardenkooper (b. 1993, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, she/they) works as an independent curator, translator and editor. In their practice she explores public feelings through collaborative translation, digital accessibility, mental health awareness, and critical pedagogy. Rosa previously worked as curator of language & dissemination at Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons.

Primary venue
Galleri Nef is a studio and exhibition space located in Bagarmossen, Stockholm (se). Initiated by Lucie Gottlieb and Tomas Sjögren in 2020, it was founded with the objective of giving shape to diverse practices and providing an accessible diffusion platform to emerging artists. Nef houses 6 studio spaces and a gallery. 


Galleri Nef is not wheelchair accessible. The entrance door is 80cm-wide and is followed by two 15cm-high steps.

Galleri Nef
Rusthållarvägen 95
12843 Bagarmossen

Mourning School’s program in 2022-23 is made possible with financial support from Kulturrådet. In September 2022, Mourning School will be in residence at HIAP.

Mourning School’s program in 2021-22 was made possible with financial support from Kulturrådet, The Nordic Cultural Foundation through the Globus Opstart Grant. With project support from Stockholm Stad and Stichting Stimuleringsfonds Rouw.