Mourning School is an artistic study program on the notion of being in grief as the stuff of our everyday, initiated by Lucie Gottlieb and Rosa Paardenkooper.


Sometimes Time
A film program developed by Mourning School with contributions by Alexander Rynéus, Angela Bravo, Ayla Dmyterko, G, Julia Heijligers, Karin Keisu & Josse Thuresson, Lise Fischer, Louis Hothothot, Martin Smatana, Mathilde ter Heijne, Natalia Papeava, and Natasha Tontey.
7 June - 19 June 2022

Mixtape for the newspaper Vård och Värde & With tired backs, and hearts with room for more
19 February - 24 April 2022

Day With(out) Art: ENDURING CARE
Online screening with newly commissioned work by Katherine Cheairs, Cristóbal Guerra, Danny Kilbride, Abdul-Aliy A. Muhammad and Uriah Bussey, Beto Pérez, Steed Taylor, and J Triangular and the Women’s Video Support Project.
1 December 2021, 14:00-00:00 CEST

Don’t You (forget about me)
Three mixtapes presented at Mañana Bold for the exhibition AvaTourismus
11-21 November 2021

Could I wear your loss on my sleeve?
Workshop at TENT Rotterdam
5 November 2021, 18:30

Thea - on eulogies pt. II 
A lecture performance at TENT Rotterdam
21 October 2021, 19:00

Thea - on eulogies pt. I
A lecture performance at SUPERMARKET Art Fair, Stockholm
17 October 2021, 16:15

Dear, don’t forget to bring a carton of milk on your way home x
letters by MYCKET, Pamela Sneed, G, Manuel Solano
& Every Ocean Hughes 

developed in collaboration with Dear,
October 2021 - February 2022

Morte liiiiiiiiifffeeee, still naaaattuuuree
Garance Wullschleger and Anna Reutinger

Galleri Nef, Bagarmossen
19-29 August 2021

Re: Re: Re: Re:
Clementine Edwards & Ada M. Patterson

Galleri Nef, Bagarmossen
18-23 June 2021

SPIKED by a sea urchin? - Mixtape
Mourning School for My Friend is Here
Konsthal C, Hokarängen
12 June 2021

A Permanent Draft 
A lecture on Mourning School for Nordiska Konstförbundet
10 February 2021

Mourning School at Nordiska Konstförbundet
Malongen, Stockholm
January 2021